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Policies & Rules

Although MOST of it is fun and games when it comes to dogs, structure is key to a safe and happy playtime, so we do have a few rules.

Meet our Staff


First and foremost, a day of daycare or a boarding sleepover at Porch Paws comes with a pair of built-in best friends. Coconut (left) and Sprinkles (right) are my dogs! They grew up around other dogs and are well socialized, but truthfully are not every dog's cup of tea. 

I know firsthand how unique each dog is when it comes to their relationship with other dogs, it is simply required that any guests are tolerant of other dogs, and any dog aggression will not be accepted.* They don't need to actually be best friends of course, but they just need to be cordial with each other. Dogs will have plenty of alone time from one another to help them rest and regulate their stimulation, but they will never be 100% secluded from other dogs.

I do also own a cat, Fiddlesticks, who will most likely stay far away from any playtime, but it would be preferred that guests not have cat aggression to err on the side of caution.

*This does not apply to Level 1 Play Dates.


  1. All guests are required to have registration forms filled out before their first stay.

  2. Proof of negative Fecal and up to date Rabies and DHPP vaccination is required.

  3. Flea & Tick and Heartworm preventative are STRONGLY encouraged, as they will be spending time in a nearly pesticide-free outdoor environment.

  4. Any signs or symptoms of contagious illness will not be accepted, especially coughing.

  5. Intact dogs of any age are welcome, so long as no issues arise such as indoor marking or same-sex aggression. Intact males and females over 6 months of age will always remain separated.

  1. Any dogs with a history of fence jumping, climbing, or digging will be required to stay on a tie out 20 foot long line while outside.

  2. Guests will not receive outdoor playtime in temperatures under 10 degrees windchill or excess of 85 degrees heat index. They will also remain indoors besides necessary potty breaks during heavy rain, or high wind warnings. We will have extra indoor brain-game activities on these days.

  3. Although occasional accidents are anticipated, puppies must be potty trained before visiting.

  4. Human or fear-based aggression is not able to be accommodated.

House Rules

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