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Premium Services

With a very limited capacity, your pet will receive an unmatched level of individual care while staying at Porch Paws. Most daycare and boarding facilities can have anywhere from 10-15 dogs per staff member, or even more. At this time we have a maximum capacity of 2 clients, ensuring your dog will always be the center of our attention.

Additional Fees & Discounts

  • $45 early check in fee for boarding dogs

  • $5 fee for topical medications

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Play Date

For when your dog needs some exercise, but doesn't need a full day of daycare. A 1-2 hour time block for play time in the yard with other dogs, or just with staff. Level 1 has a one hour limit for dog-selective or dog-aggressive dogs. Level 2 has a two hour limit for dog-friendly dogs. Levels will be determined at each dog's Meet & Greet. Daycare and Boarding have priority scheduling, so these appointments are only made available up to 3 days in advance. If you would like to be regularly notified of openings, please send us a request message! $20 for 1 hour $35 for 2 hours.


A day of daycare for your pup! A combination of time spend indoors playing with toys, and relaxing, and outdoor time in the fenced in yard. Weather and the dog's personal preference will dictate how much outdoor play time they get in a day. Standard pick up and drop off hours are between 7 AM and 7 PM; however, reasonable accommodations may be made as needed.


Overnight care for your dog while you're away. They will get the same level of attention and play as our daycare pups, along with a sleepover! Meal times are generally around 6-7 AM and 5-6 PM, but adjustments can be made as necessary. "Grazers" will be offered food periodically, but it will be placed away during any social time. At night the dogs are free to sleep wherever they are most comfortable, whether that be a kennel or a couch. Additional fees will apply for drop offs before 6 PM.

Appointment Shuttle (Add-on)

An additional service to daycare or boarding. We are conveniently located near several veterinary offices and dog groomers in Allendale and Coopersville, if your dog has an appointment that interferes with your work day, I am able to bring them to and from their appointment! You must pre-arrange for necessary payments with your facility. Shuttle service to vet appointments is only available for routine check-ups and non-contagious ailments (i.e. ear infection). Guests receiving shuttle service should bring along a harness with them for the seatbelts in the car. 

Nearby locations include:

  • Lake Michigan Animal Hospital

  • VCA Allendale Animal Hospital

  • West Michigan Veterinary Service

  • Scruffy Pups LLC

  • Mutt Cuts

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